Akis Temperidis e Vula Netu - Superstar travellers
It’s us again! Let us tell you that our life is great with Maggiolina. We actually have slept more than one year (that means more than 300 nights in 475 total days of our trip) in there and we still enjoy it. Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand.

[ www.theworldoffroad.com ]

Juerg, Angelica, Tom, Cornelia, Jean Pierre, Alexandre, Doris, Heidi, Jean Francois, Erich
- Trans-Afrika - "There are dreams in life it is necessary to fight for"
"weeks throughout West Africa up to Cameroon continuing through Gabon, the two Congos, passing through Angola in Namibia, arriving at Cape of Good Hope in South Africa".

[ www.atw.ch ]

Patrick GALIBERT - Professional photographer.
We have been travelling all over Africa and other countries for 18 years.
For our journeys, 2 or 3 per year, Columbus tent has become an important element for our night camp and rest: its comfort and quick opening are essential for us! After many years of raids, 4x4 vehicles have changed but Columbus tent has not! Its reliability is always at top level!
[ www.africatracks.com ]

Sonja Vietto Ramus
photographer and journalist for off-road vehicle & race team magazines.
"Both Africa and motorcycles are my passion and my job: since 2000, I travel to North Africa to photograph cars and motorcycles competing on the most beautiful deserts of the world. I always travel with friends, on a Toyota vehicle and an Autohome tent, my passport to adventure! "

[ www.tenere2000.com ]

Carsten Averkamp - Project Manager - Lutz Rathmann - Lead Instructor
Tour leaders belonging to the most important expeditions, international selectors. Land Rover Experience is aimed at training off-road lovers to let them discover exotic regions, far from usual paths as well as from tourist traps. With Autohome, under any circumstances people are sure to obtain the best results!

[ www.landroverexperience.com ]

Ralph Castelberg - A professional of Free-ride (extreme) Snowboard successfully participates to many sports competitions. Since September 2006 he is an enthusiastic owner of an Autohome tent. “...I am very happy to start a competition after I have slept well – When I travel, Maggiolina is my home”
[ www.ralphcastelberg.ch ]

Anna across Africa - A man, a woman and a Land Rover: one year in Africa visiting 26 countries. "We are very satisfied with our Columbus. It is very comfortable and it is the best way to travel: thank you very much Autohome!"
[ photogallery (pdf 7,2 mb) ]

Moni & Hagi Ehrismann - Switzerland - Travel-lovers and skilled travellers organise expeditions in groups. “…we always suggest to all our friends to have a real Autohome tent! It is the only way not to worry. Have a nice trip and sleep well!”
[ www.mogis.ch ]

Ken Iida, in this picture with Yiuchi Asai - Tokio - Travel and adventure lover, he is the responsible for the commercial department of an important company in the field. In short, he is the person who contributed to Autohome success throughout the whole Japan. “….For the quality and reliability they have shown, I suggest original Autohome products – made in Italy – to all my customers”

The Great Escape - Autohome's Off-Road experience has been gained "on field". During the last fifty years, explorers, reporters, photographers and adventurers contributed to develop tents which can be considered as real technical articles as well as an extremely practical and flexible support. [ more ]

Silk Road - Jürg Solberger, Severin Bucher and his team, professionals and experienced in great adventure-trips. From west to east on Marco Polo's traces to discover history and events which left their mark on people's fortunes.
[ www.atw.ch ] [ photogallery ]

Martin Mikulenčák - Extreme adventurer - Hummer Expedition Island's member -
Vatnayokull Glacier (Iceland) «The biggest glacier in Europe, In Iceland. We were afraid of suffering from the cold and the wind blowing in gusts, but thanks to both the Winter hood of the tent and the strength of the tent structure we had absolutely no problem. Other kinds of tent could surely not be so reliable!». [ www.hummer.cz ]

Jean Rimbaud - Photoreporter - Karakul Lake (Xinjiang, China)
«The second highest lake in the world, 3,600 metres above sea level, encircled by majestic mountains (over 7,500 m) which are snow-capped all the year round. Karakul is a salt lake, it has transparent, blue-green water: in no case we could enjoy the view of the sunset we had from our comfortable Maggiolina»
[ more ]

Miky Fragapane - Desert Scorpion Team - Akakus Desert (Libya)
«It is impossible to describe the magic of the Libyan desert. The rock needles are silhouetted against the sky and come out vertically from the sand. People living here five thousand years ago hunted wild beasts which do no more exist and this allows us to particularly enjoy our comfortable Overland: a practically indestructible tent»

[ www.desertscorpionteam.com ]

Paul Dupin - Ayers Rock (Australia)
“This Holy Mountain is really magic and inspires awe. Aborigines call it Uluru. Tonight, we camp here and tomorrow we are going to leave early, at nightfall. Thank goodness, we only need to turn the handle to close Maggiolina. In case of a tent being on the ground, a decampment by using electric torches would be a big problem”

Tester's opinion - Chris Simons - Great Britain
“The strong subject of these tents is the original idea: in comparison with 1958, now both the materials and the finishing touch have achieved a very high quality level, but what makes difference was and is still the original revolutionary concept. To sum up, it is really difficult to find defects in Autohome tents, also considering the wide range as well as the different solutions and accessories this line consists of”
[ more ]

Valery Fontaine - Anatolia (Turkey)
“Since a lot of years, Maggiolina and Columbus are our "fellow travellers": the safety we have felt while sleeping raised from the ground was invaluable. These tents are real sleeping rooms, their inner part is very comfortable and the lateral pockets are remarkably functional. Due to their inner height, it is very easy to enter the sleeping bag and change. Even in the ends of the earth, people can feel at home”
[ more ]

Paul Farrel - Photo-reporter
“Vertical lifting tents, such as Maggiolina or Columbus, are technical masterpieces; instantaneous opening and strength of the hooks allow remarkable safety conditions to be achieved. But when I am on business, I shall often get up on to the car roof to get the best view and for this reason I prefer Overland tent. When the latter is closed (or open) I can freely manoeuvre, since I have two positioning possibilities, so, I can say that this tent has really functional properties.”
[ more ]
Bruce Linker - Gobi Desert (Mongolia)
“A very important venture! A very long and tiring journey, but every night we slept in a real bed and it was very helpful. The camp can quickly be pitched, under safety conditions and protected from small or big animals.”
[ more ]

Agostina Petragalli (reporter) - Edoardo Bauer (photographer)
“An exciting journey, during which we used our 4x4 vehicles equipped with the original car roof tents: extraordinary journey supports.” [ more ]
[ www.sahara.it ]

Giusy Concina - "Raid Middle East By Car"
After 8500 kms on tracks, off-road and deserts in Hungary, Rumania, Turkey, Syria, Israel and Jordan, the Giusy Concina's “Middle East By Car” ended in Aqaba, on the Red Sea shore. With her Columbus tent, she crossed Countries being subject to strong political and social tensions, therefore, her adventure-journey had a particular importance.
[ more ]

Paolo Francesco Brunello - Lawyer - Photo Challenge 4x4
“Fortunately, we had Autohome tents on our vehicle roof. This very functional and protected system allows to safely sleep, even in case of intense cold and wind. They are very strong and ensure total comfort and safety conditions. And in the morning, on waking up, it was possible to enjoy a view of the desert in the first daylight: beautiful!”
[ more ]

Sfefano Pesarelli and Francesca Guazzo
Majestic natural landscapes, people, boundless savannas and animals have featured this African crossing and by the way, in Ilha de Mocambique, a degree dissertation in architecture related to a protection of environmental historical values has been drawn up.
[ www.torinoilha.net ]

Roberto Cattone - Tour leader
“In some rare cases and always supported by valid reasons, only a name is enough to create or make images, sensations and emotions live again. Autohome is one of these names: a box of little and great adventures, far and close memories, comfort and rest; I can still smell the sand and hear the silence of the stars.”
[ www.latitudini.org ]

Fulvio Icardi - Company manager
During his trips he forgets about being a company manager and he transforms, after a hard day, in a team supporter. With Autohome, he participated to enthusiastic expeditions.
[ www.latitudini.org ]

Roberto Pessione
Skilled globe-trotter, he is a Columbus Safari owner; in this picture, he is in Algeria during spring 2008. On winter 95, the prestigious honour of First Great Admiral of Latitudini team was conferred upon him.
[ www.latitudini.org ]

Bernd Woick and his passion for Africa
Experienced traveller and master of survival, he involved his whole family for years in different Tours throughout Africa. Since long time, Woick transformed his passion for adventure in a real occupation.
[ www.woick.de ]

Stephan Wermuth - Photographer and Bilia (on the left side)
“Dunes high like mountains during the day and a 5 stars roof at night. I am not jealous of my Maggiolina if most of the times she is the star. On the contrary, I am proud of knowing that the pictures taken already obtained a honour place. On the other hand, the same pictures have also been hung on the walls of my home… When you go to the ends of the earth you never know what to expect. For this reason, it is better to be properly equipped.”

Jean Claude Billau - Tour leader
“I have been utilising Maggiolina from 150 to almost 200 times per year and this since 1996. To date, the total amount of kilometres I rode is equal to more than one million, always on the roof of different Land Rover vehicles I owned since then; the tent is permanently on the car roof 365 days per year. I never had any problem concerning shell or opening mechanism. I suggest all my customers to use this kind of tent for the travels I organise; for comfort and safety, Maggiolina is the best possible equipment."
[ www.nro-aventure.com ]

Jean Pierre Steinhagen - Desert live - Travels organisation
Ex rally pilot and experienced in African deserts. “We are a team of instructors with a great passion for Africa who put their know-how at disposal of anyone who would like to discover the desert’s landscapes. There is still a few places in which we have not yet arrived, but thanks to Autohome there will be even less.”
[ www.desertlive.net ]

Desert Scorpion - The winning team
From Saharian dunes to Australian deserts, from Iceland geysers to Himalaya top: the “scorpions” are one of the most active groups in foreign countries. They are present as technical supporting team at important world competitions, such as Rain Forest Challenge in Mali; they have planned six Saharian travels and many different places to be visited throughout the whole world.

[ dettagli ] [
www.desertscorpionteam.com ]

Fritz Bez- Skilled traveller
“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. Anyone who wants to reach the ends of the earth knows that not only motorways will be waiting for him, but also many dirt roads, impenetrable forests, sandy landscapes and ancient ruts. To make you feel at home in the whole world, Autohome is a great certainty.

Sergi Garcia -Tour leader
“Our target is not only to travel but also to know and interact with the different populations and cultures we meet during our journey, always offering our help and cooperation to anyone who needs it.”
[ africa.kdjoteros.com ]

Ronny Stavsholt [Norway] - Enthusiastic raider
“Wonderful nights that are impressed in my heart. Sometimes I exaggerate a bit, but when I am to the ends of the earth, there is only a handle that can save me: Maggiolina is my faithful companion. I love it very much!.”

Diego Assandri and Luca Oddera - JAMBO
Would you be interested in travelling Africa by car… Give me some time, I have to think about it…
From the meeting between the photographer Diego Assandri and the philosopher Luca “Down the Africa” expedition (Trans- West Africa) takes its origins. From Tangier to Cape Town, 25.000 km throughout the whole Black Continent to bring humanitarian aid in Congo R.D. by means of “Amici per l’Africa” Association. “Houston we have a problem: here children have never been on the moon.”

[ www.amiciperafrica.com ]

Richard Rennard, Claudine Donnat and their son Franck
Parents are really crazy about 4x4’s, they belong to Saharans’ family and regularly go through the Mediterranean Sea. Car dealers, raiders, trial car enthusiasts, organizers, engineers, co-pilot (Claudine): they know everything about 4x4 vehicles, since the appearance of the latter in France, during 80’s. Franck, one of their children, has given society new dynamism by furtherly developing the preparation activity

[ more ]

Edo Bauer
"I like hard work in a simple camp, in clear or dark nights and also when the sandstorm rages. Desert is terrible and merciless, but if you know it, you cannot forget it".
My work consists of writing and taking photographs of motorcycles in Africa. Desert is nearly always my destination and the tent being on my Toyota roof is my 'village all inclusive'.

[ www.edobauer.it ] [ www.nikonclub.it ]

Instructor and International Tester makes journeys all over the world.
"The sun burns, the sand is lifted in dusty whirls, it is so hot that the sky mingles with the flickering desert. Still a few kilometres and you reach your destination. A precise destination does not exist , but what counts is that with Maggiolina you always reach home, wherever you are. Maggiolina: quality and perfect look."

www.expedice4x4.cz ]

Knut Espegard - A North European distributor of sports and camping articles who organises expeditions for everyone
"...I do not know what you prefer, but I do prefer Maggiolina. It is a fundamental accessory that allows me to prepare my camp in any weather condition. As the wind is strong, Maggiolina always shows its best features: it does not "lose its composure" and does not break up. Thank you Autohome."
[ www.campingsport.no ]

Ottavio Zirilli - Tour leader and reporter
"Extraordinary images and sensations: from the look of children in the schools of the deserts, to the sand scraping among the teeth". The roof-tent can really make the difference. In a long raid, it eliminates the stress of the camp and allows to enjoy the sunset till its end. In addition, sleeping up there is wonderful. The important thing is to have the right tent brand: Autohome!.

[ more ]

Alessandro Centofanti e Paolo Pasquato - Tour Operator Pangea Crossing
Our travels are focussed to introduce the beauties and the cultures of the countries that we will visit, moving in a natural way and with no stress, in total safety but always in contact with the nature and the history of those places.

www.pangeacrossing.com ]

Martina Pullin
Good night from our comfortable "mansard".
...it is nice to wake up every day in a different desert point. And to go out from our tent when dawn breaks, to stretch our arms and legs in the fresh air, to fill free within light and space, to simply breathe, live and be happy for this... This is Pierre Loti’s feeling after a refreshing sleep in his very comfortable tent.

Akis Temperidis and Vula Netu
Journey across Africa, from Athens to Cape Town - 20.280 kms, i.e. approximately 5 months with a Maggiolina Extreme Forest mounted on a Land Rover Discovery 3. A phantastic experience! See also the world travel in 800 days.
dettagli ]
[ www.theworldoffroad.com ]

Raffaele Rossetti - Expert on racing cars
On the roads of the world: travelling, Land Rover, tent and stove. For me and my friends I organise travels preferably to North. In my garage, ready to use, I have two kinds of tents: Overcamp and Maggiolina.
"...rain, water, wind, storm and rain again. With our tents everything is wonderful all the same, but with something more: the sun at midnight in our hearts."
[ www.stradedelmondo.blogspot.com ]

Simone Tortini - An architect with a strong passion for the mountains
"I felt I had to congratulate Autohome. I bought an Airlander and 2 days in the humidity of the woods made me appreciate the perfection of my future home for the week-ends and for the vacations all around the Alps."

Sonia e Hans Peter (Wetzikon- CH) - Fans of Autohome
"Since 1997 Autohome roof tents are the most reliable bedrooms we have been sleeping in. In any weather condition, we always have a wonderful and comfortable bed, ready in a couple of minutes."

[ www.procamp.ch ]

Enrico Caruso e Lucia Tincani - Enthusiastic travellers
Up on a gorge with panoramic view on a glacier or in front of an elk weighing 4500 kilograms close to a stream, there are always good reasons to stop and camp. The important thing is to have a Maggiolina. The right product for any situation. Kind regards to everybody.

Honza Perclìk - Enthusiast raider
"...it was very cold, we were in a perfectly closed room: windows, doors and any opening were totally closed and we had no humidity problem. It is really true: the tent fabric is like the highly breathable fabric of our jackets. Maggiolina is in our opinion the best product and we recommend it, absolutely! Bye Bye."

Mìla Janàcek - Iceland - HUMMER EXPEDITION
Across the Atlantic Ocean by a wooden boat equipped with a dragon head... More than thousand years ago, people should have a particular inward conviction to launch in such an adventure. Nowadays, people can count on the reliable Maggiolina tent, a safety at any latitude, in case of long journeys, at any weather condition, wind, cold, rain.

Gaetano Barbagallo - Supporter of the Humanitarian Organisation Bambini nel Deserto
On September 25th, 2000 the first BnD expedition to Morocco has started; only one vehicle, two persons, a huge load and a few certainties. It has been a great success above all in human terms and many other expeditions followed the first one. In a few years we succeeded in reaching many countries: sometimes bringing a few boxes of medicines, pens or work books, but always and directly in the hands of those who needed them.
[ www.bambinineldeserto.org ]

Any Soares from Cabo-Verde and Daniele Benzi from Milan - Iceland
"Our team is composed of graphics and photographers who love our job and push us with the right quantity of creativity and curiosity to discover always new ways.
The magic forces dominating the reign of Nordic legends seem to have inspired our trip up to the point in which the last sun ray appears. It is wonderful!"

www.dgfgrafica.it ]

Motta Gianfranco - Maradah – Libya - Experienced raider who has been owning Maggiolina for about 15 years
"A wonderful place at the boundaries with Algeria. Spire roofs and wonderful king-posts of sandstone where it is very easy to get lost. Very small passages, with very soft sand. A show that shall not be missed. Anything that moves on sand annoys me: with Maggiolina I solved my problem."

Pierluigi Rizzato - Wildlife Photographer
"Photographer for over twenty years dedicating great passion and commitment to his work in nature photography. His photographs have earned him more than 180 awards abroad, winning photographic contests in Argentina, Austrian, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Holland, Republic of San Marino, Scotland, Singapore, Usa, Vietnam. Among all, it is standing out the Grand Prix of the Trierenberg Austrian Super Circuit, the largest annual salon of photography on the globe."
[ www.pierluigirizzato.com ]

Robo Gabr’ Aoun - Expert of safari in the desert: Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Namibia, Sudan, Mali, Niger, Algeria
"My "Africa sickness" is being forcedly away from those lands, my everyday life that prevents me from living them in the modes and time periods in which my soul would like to. The shades of ochre inflaming those horizons have become the colours of my soul and it is with them that I paint my day."

Simonetta Galassi - Manager
"Finally, we go back, other dunes wait for us and we do not know how high they are... anyway, the most important thing is to go back..."

[ www.photochallenge.it ]

Claudio Chiodi - Tour leader - Safari Service
"Hello everybody and welcome in my team, a team dedicated to Sahara desert, its sand and visitors. Come with us! Everybody enjoy the sand!"

[ www.safariservice.com ]

Doris Sollberger - China
"Doris Sollberger is travelling in Africa, Asia , America and Mexico with her husband since 1986. The mother of four children sleep on this trips in rooftents from AUTOHOME. As guide and owner of ATW.CH she is not only responsible for the children, she is also driving herself the Landcruiser and takes care of the group."

Samuele Luisetto - engineer of Photochallenge 4x4 and Sandro Seber - winners of Photochallenge 4x4 2009 Trophy
Our five stars hotels! We are not talking about the hotels we have found in Algeria that left much to be desired in terms of comfort, cleanliness, etc. but about AUTOHOME roof tents that always turn out to be the best compromise to live these adventures in top comfort. Autohome roof tents are really five stars hotels!

[ www.photochallenge.it ]

Michele Rota - Experienced designer in metallurgic field, he transformed his passion for adventure in a real profession
"Aesthetics is only one of the aspects that I take into consideration in my choices".

[ www.cos-met.it ]

Elvio Grasselli - Enthusiastic Raider
In the desert, it's sometimes difficult to find a way out and when people do find it, maybe after several hours, they reach camp exhausted. Sitting on a dune, lost in thought. On this big sandy surface, we only need a starry night, a tent and a fire.

BOAB Ltd, Unit 4 Willow Court, Bourton Business Park, Bourton on the Water, Gloucestershire. GL54 2HQ England
Tel. +44 1451 821 305
e-mail: enquiries@autohome-uk.com